GROUP PRICES (total per group; not per person)


1 person:   US$ 300.00 


2 persons: US$ 325.00


3 persons: US$ 350.00


4 persons: US$ 375.00


5 persons: US$ 450.00


6 persons: US$ 525.00


every additional person: US$ 50.00 


The prices mentioned above are the total costs per group (not per individual person) excluding entrance fees *


The tour will take approximately 6 to 7 hours. We do offer shorter and longer tours depending on your needs and wants.



* Click here to view the entrance fees

Enjoy the stunning beaches that Curacao has
to offer!

Our services consist of making available a professional, experienced guide/driver and renting a vehicle just for you.


The higher price per additional person for groups consisting of more than 4 people is to cover the higher cost of a bigger vehicle.


We will offer you a choice of vehicle based on the amount of people in your party. You may choose to upgrade to a bigger vehicle at an additional cost.​

Bottles of water are available during the tour.  

If you have any special requests please let us know.